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A simple Max level fader being automated by Live. On the ror that this has made you sufficiently curious to try out Max For Live yourself, in this column we're going to walk through some very simple examples to show how it works and how you might think of using it to Looking for a lady m4l creating your own effects.

The default Max Audio Effect: Time to get our hands dirty. The copy of Looking for a lady m4l Device in the Live window is now greyed lary, to indicate that it is inactive; the copy that's open in Max is the one that is running, as audio is now being routed from Live into Max and back out again.

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If you close the Max window, the copy of the Device inside Live will become Laey again and you'll be back where you started. Open the Device for editing again and click to select one of the audio patch cords the vertical striped lines: If your audio Clip is playing while you do this, you'll hear one or both channels cut out — just like with real patch cords — and you should end up with an effect that is swapping the left and right channels of your original stereo input.

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If you don't see any diamonds, don't panic: Save and close the Device in Max the location of the file on disk isn't important for the purposes aa this article and your altered Device will appear back inside Live. Editing Devices in Max is intended to feel very much like altering your studio's MIDI and audio hardware while you're using it to record and play music but, unlike real hardware, there's no messing around with Looking for a lady m4l irons, and it's very hard to break anything: Now for some MIDI.

We'll tackle the most obvious MIDI 'effect' in the book: You'll notice that it is routing information from 'midiin' to 'midiout'. Click the 'midiin' box and replace the text Looking for a lady m4l 'notein'; similarly, replace the word 'midiout' with 'noteout'. This is why 'notein' has three outlets and 'noteout' has three inlets.

Now for the actual transposition part. You now have an object that adds 12 to things. The results should resemble the screen below.

Close the Max window and switch to Live's Arrangement View: Buy PDF version. Previous article Next article.

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